Ropes and Ties Paintings


My attraction to ropes and knots is embedded deep within me and accompanies me in my work.  I observe the ropes – the strings made from plant fibers which have created a twine into a rope… they have accompanied humankind from the beginning.  The ropes allow, the ropes restrict, the ropes connect with other ropes and a continuity is created. The physical and conscious/emotional rope are intertwined in my world.

The umbilical cord symbolizing life, a life rope to be thrown over a ship to save someone, a rope to hang oneself… to let the rope be and to pull on the rope, to set a limit and to untangle ties and to let go of the rope… My ropes are different and are connected with knowledge, survival, to the tribe which made us a society, and to the society which created unity or disintegrated and chose a leader or government.

The rope of the messiah – in all of the religions there is a longing for the coming of the messiah… the ropes envelope our hopes because after we will be more beautiful, richer, thinner we will find ourselves a large beautiful house and a new flashy car, and then our worries will subside, and we will find our peace and calmness.

The place where we take responsibility and the belief in ourselves and for ourselves are in our own personal messianic ropes. To let go and to tie ourselves are a constant dynamic in our lives from the moment the umbilical cord is cut and with the ties we create in our relationships throughout our lives. The works are made of a combined technique of photography, acrylic paint and tulle work on canvas.

Ropes and ties accompany me in my work and I accompany them…