Lightbox Portraits


When I came to live in Tel Aviv three years ago, the city struck me with its creativity, pace and pluralism which combine Tel Aviv’s past, together with a kicking updated present. Between serenity and a storm, amongst the bustling streets and quiet hidden back alleys, I discovered a new beautiful world. I was creatively paralyzed and forsook my brushes, and since I didn’t know Tel Aviv I wandered in the city as a treasure hunter.

Among my many wanderings I came upon the Jaffa Port, and there, surfaced before me the stories of the first immigrants. The fragrances of the oranges, noise and bustle and the people who built the country were revealed in abandoned, ruined buildings, as well as renewed structures. There, I found strength and power in iron, and I saw how nature could leave its imprint over time. The concept of “foundations” gave way to a whole new meaning. The camera immortalized the sights, and thus, in the iron, people were born, creativity was awakened and the brush was brought back to my life. Every person and their story. Each person and their own small or large prison of the past and present pain which they carry with them.

I felt the need to provide a platform and specifically a platform for our vulnerability – because that is where we have room to grow and the vulnerability becomes a strengthening and building aspect of our foundations. We, as human beings have the right and reason to decide how to deal with obstacles. Will we develop and grow or stay in the same place? And the importance of understanding that we have the power within us to allow ourselves to make a change in our lives. In one of my encounters with the women, whose image I painted in a box of light, said to me: “I’m not as strong as you made me!” I answered, “You’re a strong and powerful woman, but these things have a price. They lay on our shoulders with all the weight of life”.