Jaffa Port Nets


Ariela Wertheimer photographs and paints on large canvases subjects taken from the world of fishing and the port. The fishermen’s nets become a fabric of intertwined lines reminiscent of an expressive theme bordering on the abstract. At a glance from afar, the works have suggestions of Jackson Pollock’s action paintings; lines and dots which are spread across the whole area of ​​the canvas whereas here and there Ariela has occasional splashes of color emphasizing the movement and the color in an enlarged photograph.

The ropes and ties in Ariela’s cultivated works also occupy her conceptually:  the rope as a sign of the umbilical cord or alternatively a rope on which to hang oneself.  The relationships of the rough ropes give symbolic significance to the human relations between a man or woman or any other relationship. The processed photographs of the ropes radiate power, it is very difficult to detach them but they also have beauty, unity and hope. The grand dimensions of the works give them a presence and cast out the photographed subjects from their familiar everyday context. Momentarily, one loses touch with reality and is sucked into a spiritual, metaphysical world.