After observing stories, I chose to focus specifically on the institute of marriage. I built a piece focusing on this topic. At the center of the room I hung a chandelier on which there are painted images of a man and a woman as a tribute to marriage, which at its core has an intense passion for an unattainable unity. The spaces in the piece represent the marital structure, emotional escape hatches opposite imprisoned warmth. A game between what exists and what is missing.

A man and woman are united in a ring that embraces, connects, and sometimes suffocates… the couple are lit, as the shadows and light are used as the shell as well as the content, strength versus weakness, Adam and Eve, life and death.

“Harei At Mekudeshet Li” -“For you are sanctified unto me”, the quote stated at the altar during the wedding ceremony, bringing the relationship to a higher level of holiness. At the center of the chandelier hang fragments of glass symbolizing the shattered glass cup which is broken under the wedding canopy. The fragile and perishable are positioned against what is being built and strengthened. In the evolution of becoming “I” to “Us” there are changes which are demanded which are extremely fragile.

How much wisdom is required of us in order to properly conduct ourselves and not just love one another?