my guestbook.

  • I had the great opportunity to see your exhibition at the Biennale. I was deeply touched by your art, thank you! writer: Gwenael B.
  • Your exhibition is one of the best exhibitions in Venice Well done and good luck I recommend John writer: Mr. John Smison
  • Ariella I visited your exhibition at Farkash Gallery and enjoyed it very much. Colorful and joyful. writer: Mosh Cohen
  • שלום I am American, Jewish, and just returned from the Biennale. I went to the Biennale expecting to focus on the Arsenal and Girandini but found a lovely description of you and your art in the European Cultural Centre brochure; this took me to a few exhibits throughout the city. Your art exhibition was moving and beautiful. Thank you. Charlie Greenberg writer: Charlie Greenberg