The Freedom to Let go


When I first met Ariella’s works they hit me with an intensity that I haven’t felt in a long time. My reflected image, behind the bars, in an atmosphere of a prison which is closing in on me, led me to think that I’m looking in a mirror which reflects reality. Bars have always been an image of a reality of imprisonment. Sometimes they leave a margin of space to squeeze through, and sometimes we choose to remain in the imprisoned warmth of our souls.

As I took a longer looks at the works, it hit me with rays of light that emanate from them, and the minor discomfort began to subside and a sense of comfort , acceptance and … release, was cast in its place. Every meeting is an opportunity to accept or learn, and in this case, to learn about ourselves.

The Farkash Gallery is proud to present a series of works by the artist Ariela Wertheimer.