Past and Future


List of exhibitions and events:

ART WEEK SINGAPORE Between 25-27 January 2019


The Odyssey _ Scope Art Show Miami Beach 2018



Ariela wertheimer – Opening of the New Studio

Friday, November 9th, 2018
7 Shmaya st.,Jaffa



     Summer Exhibition – B12 Gallery Ibiza 2018
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Coming Soon: Ariela Wertheimer & Carole A.Feuerman


ArtExpo New York – The Freedom To Let go: Lightboxes 


Miami – The Freedom To Let go: Ropes and Ties 2017

My attraction to ropes and knots is embedded deep within me and accompanies me in my work.  I observe the ropes – the strings made from plant fibers which have created a twine into a rope… they have accompanied humankind from the beginning.  The ropes allow, the ropes restrict, the ropes connect with other ropes and a continuity is created.

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Venice Biennale – Palazzo Mora 2017

It is not only the younger generation, but all of us that live with a sense of sharing, exposure and social anxiety. Their lives and deeds judged and condemned minute by minute with a swipe of a finger, on a universal scale of morality in black and white, yes and no. That’s it. No shades of colors and with no time to think.

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The Farkash Gallery: The Freedom to Let go

Lightboxes 2016

When I first met Ariella’s works they hit me with an intensity that I haven’t felt in a long time. My reflected image, behind the bars, in an atmosphere of a prison which is closing in on me, led me to think that I’m looking in a mirror which reflects reality. Bars have always been an image of a reality of imprisonment. Sometimes they leave a margin of space to squeeze through, and sometimes we choose to remain in the imprisoned warmth of our souls. As I took a longer looks at the works, it hit me with rays of light that emanate from them, and the minor discomfort began to subside and a sense of comfort , acceptance and … release, was cast in its place. Every meeting is an opportunity to accept or learn, and in this case, to learn about ourselves. The Farkash Gallery is proud to present a series of works by the artist Ariela Wertheimer. Ariela’s works are an optical experience of a visual communication tool, giving the viewer a personal and humane experience that won’t leave him indifferent.

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