Ariela Wertheimer & Carole A.Feuerman



When Women Support Each Other, Incredible Things Happen
Ariela Wertheimer, Carole Feuerman; A Joint Exhibition

Two women meet. Artists, different from each other like east and west.
They decided to join strengths, they decided to show an exhibition together.
And when women decide to go on a journey, no army of men can stop them.
Each one and her own world.
Each one and her own artwork.
But they are strong and creative women.
Ariela is exhibiting boxes of light which incorporate illumination, drawing and photographs of almost abstract art.
And Carole is exhibiting hyperplastic statues.
This is what it’s like when women support each other- wonderful things happen.
And the mix between them created a wonderful exhibition which will be showcased in Manhattan, in May 2018.

Aharon Farkash
The Farkash Gallery


I’m an artist, a mother, a wife, a friend, a family woman and a person who does and creates…. every piece of me is connected to more and more pieces… Which create circles…and a piece of me is a friend of Carole’s.
Carole and I share the same love. To art, to women, to people. Carole is realistic and within every limb there is creativity. I see and create the abstract, she is the body and I am the soul. She’s hair and a wrinkle and I’m fear and power. The female empowerment in my opinion is to engage in self-realization and what to say and express while dealing with personal, social, and occupational challenges unique to women.
In my work I speak of the realization of freedom of choice and responsibility, the sense of meaning in action, the sense of inner freedom that activates a rhythm which creates and initiates, the power and influence we have on the results in our lives and the belief in our ability.
The first time that I met Carole’s works of art she was revealed to me in a gallery in Sardinia and laid an imprint on me, and it was the purity of simplicity and beauty which struck me.
I saw her creations again and again throughout Europe and America, the meeting really happened at the Venice Biennale in 2017. Carole hugged me- like women do and intend to, and the embrace was warm and real… she suggested that we exhibit together. Here and now in New York, us together under one roof. It’s an honor, and for that, thank you.

Ariela Wertheimer